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5 person 7

Volume 1 Issue 7

Final issue! Klaus must not only save Yuletime, but the town of Grimsvig itself from the e…

34 pages

Volume 1 Issue 6

It's Klaus versus Krampus, and the whole world hangs in the balance!

26 pages

Volume 1 Issue 5

Magnus passes judgement on Klaus, and the enemy's past is revealed.

26 pages

Volume 1 Issue 4

Klaus and Lady Dagmar's romantic and tragic past is revealed.

33 pages

Volume 1 Issue 3

Klaus is caught delivering presents to the town's children and must fight his way past Lor…

26 pages

Volume 1 Issue 2

As the downtrodden people of Grimsvig struggle under totalitarian rule, Klaus stealthily e…

24 pages

Volume 1 Issue 1

Set in a dark fantastic past of myth and magic, Klaus tells the story of how Santa Claus r…

32 pages