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Action | Superhero | Leading Ladies

3 person 13

Volume 1 Issue 1

3 chapters in 1! Flare launches a new career, gets a new costume, and finds a new enemy in…

50 pages

Volume 1 Issue 2

The Galloping Galooper is back! And when Flare goes with him to attend the charity premier…

47 pages

Volume 1 Issue 3

Through a journey to the federal penitentiary at Stronghold proves uneventful, strange con…

47 pages

Volume 1 Issue 4

Flare and Galooper team up against the blonde bombshell!

45 pages

Volume 1 Issue 5

Enter Lady Arcane! Flare goes on a rampage!

36 pages

Volume 1 Issue 6

Flare stars in Galooper Agonistes. Bonus: Lady Arcane and the Black Enchantress starring …