Growing Up Enchanted

Kids | Fantasy | Leading Ladies

5 person 1

Volume 1 Issue 1

Growing up is hard to do anywhere. Growing up ENCHANTED is even harder to do in the town o…

31 pages

Volume 1 Issue 2

And then came - the Bully! First day of school, in a classroom filled with diverse student…

32 pages

Volume 1 Issue 3

Oh no! Anto in the clutches of a fire-breathing dragon! Meanwhile, Olianna, Bradley, and T…

16 pages

Volume 1 Issue 4

How will Oli & the gang get out of their dragon-cornered predicament (Skipping school to h…

24 pages

Volume 2 Issue 1

Olianna and the gang's back in an all-new fantasy adventure for all-ages! Something sinist…

42 pages

Volume 2 Issue 2

Another exciting issue of Growing Up Enchanted!

30 pages

Volume 2 Issue 3

Another exciting issue of Growing Up Enchanted!

40 pages