Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue

Antarctic Press

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Volume 1 Issue 1

Antarctic Press proudly presents a cavalcade of cuties in leather, lace, denim and brass. Gearhearts…

37 pages

Volume 1 Issue 2

This issue features an exclusive interview (and scintillating pictorial!) with New York Times bestse…

36 pages

Volume 1 Issue 3

Issue three will feature Steampunk author O.M. Grey with an in-depth interview, short fiction and sc…

36 pages

Volume 1 Issue 4

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Through these pages you will discover only the loveliest, most …

31 pages

Volume 1 Issue 5

In appreciation of our many loyal female supporters, Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue is pleased an…

37 pages

Volume 1 Issue 6

This issue features the (in)famous steampunk chanteuse Veronique Chevalier on the cover and in an ex…

31 pages

Volume 1 Issue 7

The time has come once again to part with your your hard-won shekels, good reader! Aside from the us…

31 pages

Volume 1 Issue 8

Presenting a parade of peep-pleasing pulchritude! Yes! It is the eighth issue of Gearhearts Steampun…

31 pages

Volume 1 Issue 9

It is time once more for the jewel that is Gearhearts to arrive! Issue 9 features an interview with …

32 pages

Volume 1 Issue 10

Our new editrix ushers in a flurry of fabulous firsts in Gearhearts history! Our first returning Bra…

36 pages

Volume 1 Issue 11

Coming soon to a Gearhearts near you: Dapper novella author Rachael Acks of Musa Publishing and the …

35 pages