Antarctic Press

Gold Digger: Tangent

Anthropomorphic | Leading Ladies | Supernatural

Volume 1 Issue 1

Gold Digger Tangent

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"Enjoy the tribulations of Ayane ""Mistress"" Anno, the gorgeous-but-frightening champion freestyle fighter, in her sear… read more

Volume 1 Issue 2

Gold Digger Tangent

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"Celebrating 15 years of Gold Digger! Continuing the full-color printed collection of Fred Perry's online Gold Digger ad… read more

Volume 1 Issue 3

Gold Digger Tangent

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Cheer, jeer, wince, and grin as Ayane 'Mistress' Anno tricks all her enemies into a noisy, nasty fight, and the new memb… read more

Volume 1 Issue 4

Gold Digger Tangent

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Celebrate ringside as Ayane 'Mistress' Anno continues the fight to avenge her bruised reputation, and thrill to the tens… read more