Dynamite Entertainment

Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass

Action | Adventure | Crime

Volume 1 Issue 1

One year after the catastrophic events that ended the first series Red Team survivors Eddi…

25 pages

Volume 1 Issue 2

Once Eric Nightingale starts talking Eddie and Trudy realize just how big a case this coul…

25 pages

Volume 1 Issue 3

Eddie and Trudy start realizing just how deep theyre in as the extent of Eric Nightingales…

25 pages

Volume 1 Issue 4

A trip down memory lane takes us back to the beginnings of Red Team as Duke and George eye…

25 pages

Volume 1 Issue 5

With Trudys life hanging in the balance Eddies behavior grows increasingly dangerous until…

25 pages

Volume 1 Issue 6

Struggling to adjust to their new circumstances Eddie and Trudy are hunting for Eric Night…

25 pages

Volume 1 Issue 7

The missing player finally surfaces as Little Boi Days walks Eddie and Trudy through the s…

25 pages

Volume 1 Issue 8

Trudy and Eddie face an unexpected problem as the real cost of their dangerous choices sta…

29 pages

Volume 1 Issue 9

Out of options and up against the wall Eddie and Trudy come up with a drastic plan to fini…

35 pages