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Volume 1 Issue 1

Control #1

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Detective-Sergeant Kate Burnham isn't making any friends in the Washington DC Police Department. That makes her the perf… read more

Volume 1 Issue 2

Control #2

25 pages favorite_border 181 comment 0
Detective-Sergeant Kate Burnham's homicide investigation leads to embarrassing revelations about a powerful Senator's se… read more

Volume 1 Issue 3

Control #3

25 pages favorite_border 154 comment 0
Washington DC detective Kate Burnham interrupted an assassination attempt. Now the killer is back to finish the job, and… read more

Volume 1 Issue 4

Control #4

25 pages favorite_border 70 comment 0
There's a deadly plot in the highest echelons of the Washington elite… and the bodies are piling up, cops and civilians … read more

Volume 1 Issue 5

Control #5

25 pages favorite_border 97 comment 0
It was never just a routine homicide case. Detective-Sergeant Kate Burnham tried to be professional about it. That didn'… read more

Volume 1 Issue 6

Control #6

25 pages favorite_border 122 comment 0
Kate has discovered the deadly secret of the Black Room. But the men who hold the keys to power will not let her live to… read more