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Volume 1 Issue 1

Anthem #1

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ANTHEM is a darker saga of an alternate Earth, and of the super-heroes who were created to save it. In this world, Pearl… read more

Volume 1 Issue 2

Anthem #2

29 pages favorite_border 519 comment 0
In the second issue of Roy Thomas' Anthem, the year is 1942 and America has been conquered! Only the young heroes of Pro… read more

Volume 1 Issue 3

Anthem #3

31 pages favorite_border 447 comment 0
The origins of the young heroes of Project Anthem are revealed as a dying American warns them of a sinister secret behin… read more

Volume 1 Issue 4

Anthem #4

31 pages favorite_border 287 comment 0
In the darkest days of World War II, with the secret of the unstoppable Axis war machine revealed, it's now up to the yo… read more

Volume 1 Issue 5

Anthem #5

29 pages favorite_border 314 comment 0
Who was the original Anthem? "The Secret of Agent 76" is revealed in this all-new issue of Anthem. Also, the Liberty Gir… read more