Bergus Chan Hyper Story VIII

Bergus Chan

Bergus Chan Hyper Story VII

The Mask!! The Mask woke up again!! It did not go to the safe storage of UN. One of the UN teams, called UNICOG noticed the way of the Mask! Bergus Chan is the head of UNICOG. He chose Garcon for this new mission to seek the Mask's way. Bergus and Garcon, and also Rumba Rumba headed to go to the SOUTH AMERIKA! A weird guy also came with them. He had a bad hatred, but he knows about the Viracocha Power System in Peru... However a Nazi-like evil guy already got the Mask.....!

Jownmakc2 years ago
oh garcon. yeah he is a great cool guy. also this time he did so great great.
Jownmakc2 years ago
love iy

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